Larch yurt with stunning mountain panorama | 139

A 5m larch yurt in the middle of a stunning mountain panorama

Place  Graubünden
Customer Private
Date September 2022
occasion Living space extension to the nearby Maiensäss
Key data 5m made of larch wood, with wing door

The tent story

This yurt with a diameter of 5m was made of fine untreated larch wood and covered with an outer shell made of beige, high-quality "Deluxe" tent fabric. This is probably one of the most luxurious designs that we can offer for the yurts. The glass dome and the large double doors offer the maximum view of the fantastically beautiful surrounding mountain landscape. For the customer, it serves as an additional space extension and retreat to the nearby Maiensäss.

Just getting there was spectacular. We had to drive up the mountain with lots of crisp and tight curves on a road with no alternatives, almost up to the tree line. Our transport vehicle, a somewhat older VW T5, didn't have it easy and worked its way up the mountain a little slower than usual under the heavy weight, but safely. Although a 5m yurt can easily be accommodated on the loading area, the heavier weight of the larch construction was clearly felt.

In a 5m yurt with a wing door, the scissor lattice is under a lot of tension due to the wider frame of the door. However, it offers a generous view of the mountains through the two windows. In general, you noticed a clear difference between fir and larch wood during assembly. The larch wood is less elastic due to its higher density and strength. It was a great experience for us to work with! The larch wood also looks slightly reddish and the door, which is exposed to the weather, will probably turn gray over time. The choice of the somewhat more special version with larch wood is a smart choice for this height. Larch wood has very good strength properties and warps less, and the higher load-bearing capacity also helps with the large amounts of snow in winter. Of course, this yurt must also be cleared of snow. A more solid construction is certainly only an advantage here, because the yurt can only be reached with touring skis in winter.

A construction in such a secluded environment, with the best weather and with nice customers was once again an enrichment for us and the reason why we love our job so much!


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