Panoramic yurt with a view of Mount Pilatus | 137

Panoramic yurt with a view of Mount Pilatus

Place  Horw
Customer Kirchfeld center
Date September 2022
occasion Staff Dream
Key data 7m panoramic yurt with raised side walls

The tent story

In September 2022, we were able to set up a 7m yurt with a 6-part panorama window front and raised side walls of 2.10m in the Kirchfeld center in Horw, which will be used by the center's employees as a lounge and relaxation room in the future. It was important to management that staff had a relaxing retreat between shifts where they could relax. For this, the yurt should allow a generous view of the Pilatus opposite. An additional door was then planned as an entrance to the panorama front. In between, it needed at least a scissor-lattice width for such an implementation to succeed.

When we got to the square, we found a square platform without an additional round pedestal. For financial reasons, they switched to a square platform without further ado. This decision is understandable, but unfortunately has somewhat unfortunate consequences. The rainwater does not run off over the cover on a 4-cornered platform, but stays on the ground. The water pulls into the yurt over the side wall.

Therefore important to know; Even if a square platform is shown in many pictures, one often does not see that an additional round platform was taken into account underneath, on which the yurt stands a little higher.

The construction could not be postponed because we came with the entire production team and we only had one day available. The customer therefore had to subsequently look for a suitable solution for draining the amount of water. 

Despite everything, the result is impressive! The large yurts with panoramic fronts are simply a great appearance and offer an incredibly beautiful space. We wish you relaxing hours with a wonderful view of Mount Pilatus.

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