Sleep under the stars | 118

"Just chlii hanging-la!"

Location Vals GR
Customer Hut Hängela
Date June 2016 / 2019
occasion hostel
Key data 2 yurts 5m with isolation

Tent story continued

The success story of the hut "Hängela" goes into the second round. It took a season until the first yurt started but then it went right! They had so many guests and vouchers sold that the yurt has amortized easy and therefore ordered in 2019 a second yurt. We like to go again to Vals for the construction of the second yurt.

In return we were allowed to settle in the old yurt for two nights and enjoy the great weather and the beautiful view! We also like to come for a third yurt. The place is a dream and if you leaf through the guestbook so we are not the only ones who feel particularly well in this place.

How it all started in the 2016

We received the request for this project even before the request was approved by the municipality. During the renovation, the existing ones Hut «Hängela», the yurt should be used temporarily as a restaurant and then serve as accommodation for guests. The municipality and the canton took their time with the decision and we were initially unsure whether the project would come off after all.

In mid-June we received the relieving message - the yurt was approved! A.So on a foggy Sunday with a light drizzle the set-up started with the support of the whole family of the Hut «Hängela». With this poor visibility we could hardly imagine how beautiful it should have been in this place. 

After a successful and fast construction with great support, we said goodbye with the promise that we will stop by again in better weather conditions.

A side chimney system was actually provided for the yurt in order to heat with a wood stove. Because the yurt is always dismantled in winter, a gas stove was used as a simpler alternative. A gas stove does not need a chimney, is easy to operate and just as warmly warms the interior. We now offer the chimney system that was ultimately not used on our Marketplace for sale.

The following August we took the opportunity and booked the yurt for a few days. M.ith loving attention to detail and taste, everything was very inviting and we felt like we were in a luxurious hotel room. OThe 5m yurt is located above Vals, nestled between gentle hills, with a view of a fantastic panorama of the Vals mountains. What a location! We really enjoyed our days in this wonderful place! 


"A thunderstorm is passing by and the rain patters on the yurt roof, lightning bolts illuminate the interior again and again, followed shortly afterwards by thunder. We sleep well and are proud to sell such a wonderful product! But the most beautiful thing is the dome! What a look at the sky! It's like looking into the universe with one big eye! "

The yurt is indeed to the Hut «Hängela» connected but just far enough away to find peace. From spring to autumn, the yurt is offered as complementary accommodation to the hut and can be rented independently. It is definitely worth booking early because the yurt is very popular!

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