Bags made of tent fabric | 110


Young designers create cool bags made of tent fabric.

Town Egliswil AG
Customer "Sleepless"
Date(s) year 2015
occasion Bags design
Key data Standard tent fabric 300, in various colors

Our contribution

We received an inquiry from a young team who were developing a bag design and were looking for a suitable fabric. The bags should be made of a natural but robust material and easy to work with. Our Standard tent fabric 300 is perfect for this purpose. This tent fabric can also be processed in several layers with a normal household machine without any effort. For their first series, they bought 6m standard tent fabric 300 in Nature from us in spring.

In August they had already sewn the 6m of fabric and were now interested in other colors. We can offer the standard tent fabric 300 in 14 different colors on request.

MORE to the material

Information about the customer

Four young people with too many visions in their heads. On the way to dream. Dreaming of own products. A unique style. Produce something that gives people pleasure. That's the philosophy of SleepLess. Totally restless in relation to the offer. T-shirts, if someone enjoys them. Why not? Gymbags the first product. As long as someone FReek of it. Why not?

More about the customer



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