Tipiferien with the llamas | 125

An overnight stay in the tepee next to a herd of llamas.

Location Triesenberg LI
Customer Llama & alpaca hut
Date May 2017
occasion Accommodation, events
Key data Group tipi 6m with Ozan

tent history

We are asked again and again, whether such a teepee well worth it as an overnight accommodation. We say yes and how!

As this tent story proves once again, it does not need much to be successful in the beginning. With a few real mattresses, duvets and pillows, you can sleep comfortably in a tepee. After one year, the customer records 100 nights and earns real money. Even the little Hoflädeli next to the tepee with regional products runs better ever. The tipi has paid for itself within a very short time.

One year later, we rebuilt the tepee together. The customer had to move the tepee easily and took the opportunity to re-dig the place. They also invested a bit more in the infrastructure. In addition to the existing dry toilet, there is a new shower with hot water. So an overnight stay in the tepee is an unforgettable experience!

MORE to the tipi

The Lama & Alpaca Hut is now one of the 12 top destinations in Lichtenstein. Tourists not only enjoy lama excursions there, but also have the opportunity to spend the night in a tepee. This created an additional source of revenue for the customer, which fits perfectly into the concept. In summer, the tipi serves as an overnight accommodation and in winter for fondue fun after a strenuous snow hike with the lamas.

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