A nature kindergarten of a special kind 143

A nature kindergarten of a special kind.

Location  Küssnacht am Rigi
Customer Forenmoos natural kindergarten
Date June 2022
occasion Weatherproof
Key data isolated 8m yurt

The tent story

The district school in Küssnacht wrote to us at the beginning of 2021 because they wanted to set up a yurt near the forest as weather protection for the natural kindergarten in Forenmoos. It took almost a year before the yurt was finally approved and the project could be commissioned from us. An insulated yurt with a diameter of 8m and two doors was ordered. One door should serve as the official entrance and the other door as an emergency exit. On the one hand, they cover the safety regulations for an escape route and, with the second window door, they have a great view of the surrounding nature.

On a hot summer day in June 2022, the time had finally come and we set up the yurt together with a team from the school. The terrain at the planned location was relatively uneven and because a large excavation was out of the question, a square platform measuring 9 x 9 m was built in consultation with us. However, this could only be done because a round wooden floor for the yurt was also placed on it. In the case of large differences in altitude, this not only makes snow clearance easier in winter, but of course also the construction, because you can walk around the yurt.

Important: A yurt floor must always be round and have 5cm more than the diameter! Even if a square platform is necessary or desired, it needs a second round floor on which the yurt can be placed a little higher. Otherwise the rainwater presses into the yurt from the side. Ideally, the platform is created like a terrace floor so that the water can drain through the gaps and there is no standing water on the platform. The second round floor of the yurt should therefore be so high that no water can penetrate even in heavy rain.

Since the parking space is a bit off the beaten track and relatively exposed, we recommended that the customer prepare a storm protection. Here we show what this could look like.

In the case of public institutions such as schools, it is advisable to define a person for maintenance who is then also involved in setting up the system. We provide a lot of information during construction and give tips on maintenance. This has the advantage that there is an interface with us if you have any questions. In the case of the Küsnacht school, for example, the outer shell has contracted somewhat over time and the weather, causing the side wall to rise. Basically, it is known that the shell made of the "Premium" tent fabric contracts somewhat with the weather. In the end, the insulation at the bottom of the yurt came out and got wet. So the side walls had to be loosened a bit at the top to get more length. A small fix, but if you don't know how or if nobody takes care of it, it can cause damage. Another point was that with the window door facing the weather, rainwater squeezed in under the frame during heavy rain. This case is also quickly remedied with a silicone joint, but it simply shows how important it is to have someone who can handle such matters themselves or delegate them.



bird's-eye view

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