Center of encounter | 133

A panorama yurt as a center for the encounter.

Location  Trogen AR
Customer Pestalozzi Children's Village Foundation
Date June 2020
occasion Seminars / room expansion
Key data insulated 9m panorama harness with special height

The tent story

The Pestalozzi Children's Village was looking for space to expand over the summer months for its projects. The spatial conditions are limited on the site and therefore they wanted a temporary extension. They finally decided on a yurt with a 9m diameter with a raised side wall of 2.10m and one Panoramic frontthat allows a view of the surrounding hills and nature.

Despite the difficult circumstances with the drastic Corona measures in spring, we were finally able to erect the yurt with a slight delay at the beginning of summer. The yurt stood as planned until autumn, even if it could not be used as actively as hoped this year. However, we are confident that in the following years the children and young people will be able to return to the village and fill the yurt with a lot of life and activities.

Children in intercultural exchange

The children's village is a place where children gain valuable experience as part of intercultural exchange projects. The focus is on direct encounters between children from Switzerland and Southeast Europe. In dialogue with peers, prejudices are broken down and understanding is created.

Topics with relevance

The participants deal with important topics such as discrimination, anti-racism, moral courage or children's rights in joint courses, sports and games as well as discussions and role-plays. In doing so, they learn to deal appropriately with foreign cultures and to be more open and interested in general.

Over 3000 children take part in exchange projects every year. In doing so, they learn the basics of peaceful coexistence - in line with the children's village founder Walter Robert Corti.

The Pestalozzi Children's Village is part of a foundation that promotes education and intercultural exchange as well as peaceful coexistence worldwide. They use the education of children and young people for this. The children's village in Trogen is at the heart of the foundation's activities and is therefore also a meeting point.




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