Two yurts for a promising holiday | 136

Listen to nature and relax in comfort.

Location  Outremont JU
Customer Agriculture Outremont // Schweer family
Date June 2022
occasion Yurts for agritourism
Key data 5m and 6m yurts

The tent story

The yurts are located in the middle of nature on the edge of the farm. Experience nature in one of the oldest and most comfortable tents known to man!

The steep slope offers a great view of nature, but poses a certain challenge for the construction. A round platform had to be built into the slope for each yurt. The construction on the uneven meadow with a ladder became an adventurous climbing unit, which in retrospect did not appear to be entirely SUVA-compliant. Nevertheless, the construction of the 6m yurt went well. The customer subsequently built the 5m yurt himself and the end result is fantastic to look at. The two yurts are in great shape and the self-built wooden staircase with terrace is very inviting. The terrace offers some space around the yurt to soak up the sun or just count shooting stars.

The yurts were furnished by the Schweer family in a simple and modern Nordic style and offer guests an inviting accommodation unit. The wide double doors on the 6m yurt and the French doors on the 5m yurt offer guests in the yurt the maximum view of the surrounding nature. Of course, both yurts also had to have a dome. On the one hand for the skylight, but also to be able to look at the sky from the bed. Of course, both yurts are insulated and therefore ready for year-round use.

Information about the customer


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