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Vacation on the farm? Farmer Fritz makes it possible!

Place Diegenstal LU
Customer Bauer Fritz AG
Date(s) April 2018
occasion Events, agrotourism
Key data Storage TIPS 7m

The tent story

Sturm Burglind raged in January and unfortunately brought down the two tees of Bauer Fritz, which were getting older. Luckily the insurance covered the damage and so we were allowed to get two new tipis with a diameter of 7m out of ours Tent fabric «Premium» deliver.

Since 15 years Bauer Fritz Tipis offers for overnight or for events. In between, he also owned PVC tepees, which last forever, but the mood and the climate never come close to natural substances. Tent fabrics made of natural materials are lighter, brighter and offer a pleasant climate even in summer. 

Unfortunately, the old poles, which Fritz had struck out of his own forest at that time, were no longer useful for our tepees. Often the self-made rods are too heavy and too thick at the top. How to make bars yourself and what to look for, you can find out here:

Tip tipistangen

The construction of the two tepees took place in a slightly elevated location, a little away from the farm with a magnificent view of the valley. After a hot day and hard work with great support, Fritz and his wife Janine brought us a well-brewed beer from the nearby brewery and together we came up with a successful day and the new tepees. After a beautiful sunset we enjoyed relaxing hours around the campfire and a night under the stars. Many thanks to Fritz and team for the hospitality and the great help. This job will be remembered for a long time.

MORE to the tipi

Information about the customer

Everything is possible with the farmer Fritz! With much love and hospitality, guests will be welcomed to the organic farm in the heart of Switzerland. In addition to sleeping in the straw and the two tepees, apartments and rooms can be booked as overnight or for events. If you need a break or are looking for a party away from the hustle and bustle, you will be in the yard at Bauer Fritz sure find. 



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