Terms and conditions

Offers and prices

All prices are in CHF and are incl. 7.7% VAT ex works Diessenhofen. Unless other prices have been agreed with us in writing, the current price lists are valid on the day of the order. Prices that serve as a price orientation, are indicative and may differ depending on the material and size of the listed prices. Custom-made products and the costs for delivery, packaging and shipping are offered individually by us and are not part of the price lists. The price calculations are subordinated to the Swiss market and may differ from our European partners.

price change

We reserve the right to carry out price adjustments at any time. With the appearance of the new price lists all previous prices become invalid.


The order will only be considered if a written confirmation from the customer is available. Special orders can not be canceled after receipt of the order.

payment terms

Payment must be made in advance or in cash upon delivery of the goods. The goods remain the property until full payment Zeltwelt.

Delivery time

If the goods are not available from stock, a delivery time of approximately 30 working days from the date of the final order must be expected. Special orders can be delivered during the main season (May - August) only with reservation in this delivery time.


If possible, the goods will be shipped by appointment by mail or forwarding. Postage and packaging costs are borne by the customer.


We deliver only within Switzerland. For the European market, our partners are responsible to whom we refer them further. Delivery is by appointment Zeltwelt directly to the construction site. The access to the construction site must be secured by the customer and 1-2 persons are available to assist. Pick up from stock is only possible with an appointment. The customer agrees to inspect the goods upon receipt and defects immediately Zeltwelt Report to.


The 2 Years Warranty only applies to defects in materials and workmanship, ie seams on fabric panels, straps, straps and eyelets. Improper use, manipulation and independent modification of the product will void this warranty. Excluded from the guarantee are changes in the material due to external influences, signs of wear and damage resulting from improper and neglected care / inspection.

In a permanent outdoor use (ie 3 months a year), a regular check and depending on location / use, after about 1 year cleaning and care of the tent cover and the material is necessary! Zeltwelt GmbH offers suitable products for this purpose and provides the documents for expert care and impregnation Tips freely available.


Guarantee cases must be submitted in writing. Upon acknowledgment of the complaint, the defective parts of Zeltwelt repaired or replaced accordingly. The resulting shipping costs are to be reimbursed to the customer. Unfreely dispatched shipments are not accepted and sent back to the customer immediately for our discharge.


Special designs are excluded from exchange, this also applies to cut by the meter. The customer is obliged to make wrong deliveries and defects immediately upon receipt of the goods Zeltwelt tell. In case of a wrong delivery or legitimate defects, the goods will be replaced immediately. Returned goods must not show traces of use.

technical changes

We reserve the right to make technical changes to the items we offer, which will contribute to the continuous improvement and development of the cuts.


Zeltwelt GmbH declines any liability during the rental period. The tenant is responsible for the necessary security during the rental and is solely liable for damage to persons and the rented material. Likewise, the renter agrees to take the tented material taken care of the utmost care and the damage incurred upon return Zeltwelt GmbH to report. In the case of major repairs / cleaning, the expenses will be charged to the renter retrospectively. Tent covers must not be cleaned independently without agreement!

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