"Awakens the Indian in you!"

The teepee is an ingenious invention of nomadic tent architecture and offers sheltering accommodation in all seasons.



This ingenious habitation of the North American Plains Indians offers much more freedom of movement and living quality than a conventional tent. Even with longer periods of bad weather one does not feel restricted inside and thanks to the possibility of heating and cooking by the open fire, a tepee can be easily inhabited in any weather.

  • storm resistant
  • open fire
  • Living and living space
  • excellent room climate
  • year-round use
  • fast setup

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Zeltwelt has basically committed to a world that leaves nature, nature. This mainly includes the use of natural materials such as wood and cotton. The entire material comes from the European area and all our fabrics are twice finished, impregnated and treated against mold and are thus well prepared for outdoor use.




For all our tents we offer various accessories and spare parts, which are available directly from stock. Zeltwelt has many documents on decoration options to give your teepee that certain something. We advise you gladly if you want to make something yourself. Only courage, with ours Tips you will find simple instructions and exciting suggestions.




The term "teepee" comes from the language of the Dakota Indians. It is composed of two syllables: "Ti" is for the verb and means to inhabit, to live, and "Pi" is the ending by which the nouns are formed. Tipi is called "home, home". The tipi has typical features that stand out from other, more primitive and smoky dwellings.

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Because your needs are paramount with us, you determine the price with the desired equipment for your personal teepee. Therefore, we do not quote prices on our website, but we will send you our documentation on request. All our prices are listed there including VAT.

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