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«Zeltwelt has been there for you for more than 20 years ... »

Benefit from our many years of experience with natural tents.


Vladimir Hulín, on the far left of the picture, sewed the first tent out of a cotton fabric as head of a scout group.

The company «HUMI» was founded by Vladimir and Ilona Hulín. For the time being, however, she concentrated only on the production of sleeping bags.

Tent production started only after the foundation of the company "MARO" by M. Rosenheim.

Vladimir Hulín took over the management of the company "FAM" based in Mseno CZ.
Former founders were J. Novak and J. Franta.

The two young companies "MARO" and "FAM" merged to become the largest manufacturer of outdoor tents in Central Europe. The company name was taken over by «FAM». The production of the first Indian tipis from our standard cotton quality has been started in production.


Tomas Bruder, Pavel Beco's relations in the Czech Republic led to a partnership with the company "FAM". Experiences were exchanged thereby and first orders over "FAM TIPI HOF GMBH" accepted also in Switzerland. This was the birth of today Zeltwelt.

The official founder was the company "FAM WEST" in Germany and "FAM TIPI HOF GmbH" was considered a subsidiary for Switzerland. Takeover of the management of Tomas and Bernadette Beco. Robust material qualities and the production of tipistangen were included in the production. First advertising appearance at trade fairs.

Development and launch of outdoor tents, chapiteaux and historic tents. The foundations for today's wide range of knight tents have been laid and divided with names such as Landsknecht, Tudor, Herald, Windsor and Versailles.

Tent production continues to evolve. In the Marlboro advertisement tipis from "FAM" can be seen. Films like "Johanna von Orleans" and "Dune - The Desert Planet" can be equipped with historic tents. The production of wooden flooring for the tents is being developed.

Foundation of a subsidiary "TENTWOOD", which will take over the wood production with immediate effect. First meeting of all European dealers in the company headquarters in Mseno CZ. Other film accessories follow: «Knights of Passion» and «Hunters of the Lions»

The launch of yurts, the Mongolian tents, is made possible and the development and production / construction of the first circus and tents.
10 Anniversary!

Foundation of "FAM Liber tente" in France.
The consumption of raw material annually increases over 70 km of fabric and 60 km of rod material.

"FAM" is celebrating its birthday!
10 years manufacture of historic tents - 15 years company foundation

Another successful year in the world of tents!

The production has been increased. The head office moves to Korycany. Yurt production is being reorganized due to high demand. New materials are being tested to meet the demands of European wet weather. The knight tent assortment has been extended by the tent "Normann".

Since the 1. January there is a strategic cooperation with the company «FAM West GmbH». The selection of the historic tents has been extended by further self-supporting models. The range of fabrics has also been supplemented with a new cotton blend made of 420g / m2.
The most successful year in the history of Zeltwelt!

We are testing a new material for the yurt: "Linotex" with 480g / m2
Orders and customer satisfaction are rising pleasingly. The year is developing very well!

Thanks to the yurts, the year with the highest sales since 1994, the crisis is over!
A new material was successfully added to the range for the yurt: "sunbrella Plus" from Dickson.

FAM ZeltWelt GmbH remains successful and has added another material to its range: "UV-FR Canvas" by TenCade - a high-tech material with a natural look.
Also new to the range are various inner dresses for the tipis: improved cuts for the Linigs and Ozans (sky).

The development of the yurt is being driven forward. There are house yurts and raft yurts. Entry on Facebook!

20 Anniversary!

The first complete relaunch of ZeltWelt. "FAM Zeltwelt GmbH »becomes new«Zeltwelt GmbH »renamed. Entry of Selina Beco, the daughter-in-law as a partner of Zeltwelt GmbH. Complete website redesign and social media appearance.

The website is growing with exciting tent stories about successful, implemented projects. The new ZeltweltAppearance is well received by customers and there is a significant increase. On Facebook we reach 1000 Likes!

A very strong yurt year! The Wohnjurten enjoy a growing popularity and offer their residents a number of inspired hours in beautiful locations. In the exhibition, a completely isolated and heatable yurt serves us for customer consultations.

There is an increase in the Zeltwelt Family! We are pleased to welcome Yves Beco to our team in March. He will continue to expand marketing and IT, as well as representing Selina on maternity leave.

This year we have sold twice as many yurts compared to last year. It is a year of change. Tomas Beco hands over the management to the younger generation. Yves Beco officially becomes the partner of Zeltwelt GmbH.

Large yurt projects shaped the year! Like the two yurts in Davos or the three yurts for the sauna landscape of Rhybadi. After 25 intensive years, Tomas Beco starts his well-deserved retirement. The Zeltwelt Team is newly enriched by Pascal Dufner, who primarily supports us in marketing, but also in future construction jobs.

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