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The basic component of the tipi is the lining. A strip of cloth that is attached from the inside to the poles around the whole tent and consists of three equal parts. It fulfills several functions. First and foremost, it enables smoke extraction and ventilation of the tipi, thus creating a smoke-free space and a pleasant climate. The air flows between the lining and the shell and protects the inside of the tent from rainwater. The lining also prevents water condensation on the inside and therefore stays nice and dry. That is why it is sometimes called the "rope dress". The air between the lining and the shell serves as insulation that warms the tipi in winter and cools it in summer.


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The living comfort can be increased with an Ozan Solo in the tipi for lining. The Ozan Solo is a half fabric canopy that provides additional protection for the living area behind the fire in heavy rain or snow. It is attached at a slight angle at a height of approx. 3 m.

We recommend the Ozan Solo, regardless of the weather, often staying in the tepee. In addition to its main task, it can also serve as a room divider by lowering the front part in front of the warehouse.

There is also the closed Ozan, which covers the entire interior completely. The heat storage is thereby maximally increased, however, the closed Ozan has only a small hole for the smoke outlet and is therefore only to be recommended for professionals. Visually, of course, the high sense of space of the tepee is lost. Is therefore only suitable for extreme applications!



The Indians had different types of door flaps. Some were painted, beaded, or embroidered with porcupine bristles. Other teepees only had an old wool blanket hanging down, held apart by a crossbar over the entrance. Often bear or buffalo skins were also used as door locks. Our doors are attached to the tunnels provided with two crossbars.


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The long poles that so proudly rise into the sky on a tipi give the tipi that certain something. On request, we sell beautiful, hand-peeled tipi poles in various sizes up to a length of 10m from stock.



The superimposed tent cover is closed with the locking pins. The number of needles depends on the tip size and the corresponding connection points. The needles usually consist of willow or hazelnut branches and are easy to make yourself if necessary.



The wooden pegs are needed for fixing the yurt shell in a natural floor. We offer beech, acacia and oak herring. The acacia and oak herring are more resistant and therefore better suited for year-round use.



Ropes and cords can be ordered from stock at any time. We carry different thicknesses in 20m lengths and fine cords directly from the roll.


A wooden floor is a luxurious option to make a tipi more homely. We use this floor especially for customers who have high demands on their tipi and who appreciate the comfort it creates. In the middle there is the possibility to remove a wooden plate to place a fire bowl or something similar.

On request, we will be happy to procure replacement material for your tent or order a custom-made one. Please contact us if you haven't found what you are looking for on our site.


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