The world of outdoor tents


With this article we would like to briefly introduce you to the most important subgroups and, above all, show how diverse the field of application of this category is. For a better understanding, we have newly divided the different types into subgroups. In addition, we supplemented the outdoor world with two new types of tent, which we would like to introduce to you.



The Tarps can be stretched between trees as a sunshade or as a roofing of terraces. They can also be combined well with the large number of robust, stitched loops to cover a larger area.

The 7 square outfitter can be used individually and is ideally suited as a sun, wind or rain cover due to its shape. It can be optimally relaxed and the water runs off without stopping. With just a few simple steps, a useful outdoor shelter can be created that fits in with its surroundings.


These natural tents are technically designed to be heated and cooked inside with an open fire or oven inside. The Pantheon is new to this group. The shape was from the Native American "Wigwam" derived. The construction consists of flexible wooden rods, which are pushed in like a modern tent as a rod.

Also in this group of fire tents Neolit ​​belongs. It is one of the oldest tent forms and comes from the Neolithic. Thanks to the smoke outlet can be cooked inside on an open fire. The third fire tent in the league is the Pioneer tent. In America, it is also known as the Snow Trekker. An ideal winter tent, which can be well heated with an oven even at minus temperatures.


Shelter means shelter, shelter, sanctuary, shelter. These are modest but practical and purposeful accommodations. The canopy has a sheltered
Shelter for a hotplate and the interior offers plenty of space due to the 2m height to stand in it and to set up comfortably.


As war tents, they are easy and fast to assemble and disassemble. They are used for temporary storage and are therefore reduced to the bare necessities. Due to their high ceiling height, the Römerzelte offer a space for several people and are therefore ideal as a lodging or catering tent for group or a Pfadilager. We have also added the Saxon. It also belongs to the category of war tents and is a simple and simple A-tent.



It often happens that customers turn to us with a concrete idea. Our outdoor suitable fabrics, are used in various fields. Our production implements custom-made products according to plan, and to give you an idea of ​​which way to go, we have listed some examples of implementation here.

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