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Tipi_Lining_Zeltwelt. ChThe lining has a decisive influence on the tepee and makes it an ingenious accommodation. It fulfills several purposes. Without lining, it would be rather uncomfortable in a tepee.

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The Lining works like a modern tent as a tent or Taukleid. If in the rain As the water runs down the poles or the dew forms, it drips off after the lining, thus reducing the moisture in the tent. However, the most important task of the linings is that in a tepee an open fire is possible at all. Why is that?

In the tepee it is generally always a bit warmer than outside, especially if there are several people in it. When a fire is lit in the tepee, it works like a stove. The warm air rises and draws in the colder air from the outside. This creates a stream of air that pulls up the smoke from the smoke flaps, if the smoke vents previously aligned with the wind.


The air flow described causes the air in the tepee to always remain in motion. It is never stuffy and hot even in summer in a tepee. In winter In contrast, the teepee can be heated warmly and comfortably within a few minutes with an open fire. Due to the narrowing towards the top form, the upper area fills relatively quickly with the rising warm air. In the lower area, the lining in the back protects against the inflow of fresh air.

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