How do I load my car?


Caddy 5.5T loaded
A few words about a properly loaded vehicle. A correctly charged vehicle is important not only to avoid unpleasant buses, but also to protect you and other road users. We have compiled a few things for you to consider when loading long bars

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The load capacity is listed in the vehicle registration document and must not be exceeded. In the case of a heavy load, adjust the air pressure to the recommended values ​​beforehand.


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Loaded goods that protrude 1m above the body length must be marked with a signal body (e.g. Trio-Pan; triangle striped in orange and white). In the case of motor vehicles, measured from the center of the steering device, the load may extend a maximum of 3,00 m to the front and, in the case of motor vehicles and trailers, a maximum of 5,00 m behind the center of the rear axle or the pivot point of the rear axles if it protrudes beyond the loading area. See also link below:

FEDLEX - Traffic Regulations - Art. 73 Cargo


If there are more than 3 poles, we recommend tying the poles together at several points first. Once in the back third and in the front third. Make sure that the rods nestle nicely and that there are no voids between them. Each rod must be fixed and must no longer be able to detach from a gap. Check whether you have kept the excess length for your vehicle. Now fix the rods in the middle, on the rear and front support with separate tensioning sets. Mark the overhang with a signal body.

If the goods are correctly loaded, the journey should not be significantly impaired. The bars always move with you and do not swing out like a trailer. Drive carefully and pay particular attention to cyclists when the vehicle is low!

Good and safe ride!

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