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"Camping and camping in a nature reserve, surrounded by mountains overlooking the Morteratsch Glacier."

Location Pontresina GR
Customer Camping Morteratsch
Date June 2014th
occasion Event and Gastro tent
Key data Potlachtipi 8 m

Our contribution

The new tenants of camping Morteratsch wanted to offer visitors something new, which corresponds to the campsite. It should therefore be a big, robust and weatherproof teepee. They had chosen for that extra strong blended fabric decided with one Ozan (Solo), It was to serve as a catering tent and complement the existing restaurant.

In June 2014 we went with our 8m tepee, Ozan and a full load of the best rods up into the Engadine. There was no more prominent place than just opposite the reception. It was still diligently prepared for the season and built. Behind the tepee were still small nice wooden huts. For a 8m tepee there was not much space to measure and a big stone had to be included in the tepee as it could not be moved. But in the end the tipi proudly and gracefully rose to the sky and showed itself in its place from the best side.

Morteratsch_TipiKonzert_Zeltwelt. ChThe tepee has been extensively used since the construction and is the campsite guests in bad weather as a lounge available.


Information about Camping Morteratsch

Closer to nature is not possible ...
4 star comfort in Engadine nature!

The campsite Morteratsch is located in the middle of an Alpine landscape. The unique recreational area is characterized by streams, lakes, small forests and its breathtaking views of the famous peaks of the Bernina massif. The modern infrastructure not only has a high standard of comfort, but also takes the ecology into account and presents itself in harmony with nature.

The attraction in the summer 2014: In our "Gourmet Tipi" on the Piazza taste the steaks, fries and pizzas even better.


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