Relax in the tea yurts of Hotel Cervo | 140

Relax comfortably in the yurt with a warm tea.

Place  Zermatt
Customer Cervo Hotel
Date Winter 2020 / 21
occasion Wellness:
Key data 2x 5m yurts

The tent story – 2020

The journey to Zermatt was long and difficult, but also an experience. The entire yurt had to be reloaded twice, since Zermatt is only used by electric cars. Luckily a 5m yurt is relatively compact and reasonably easy to transport and the team at Taxi Christophe transported the goods with the utmost care. Nevertheless, the nervousness was great as to whether everything would arrive safely. The dome in particular is the trickiest part of such a transport.

Arriving at the Hotel Cervo, we found a huge construction site. The floor for the yurt was not yet finished and the positive decision of the building application came just in time at the last moment. We had to leave the yurt somewhere on the side of the road overnight because there was nowhere else. It was already dark and construction was scheduled for the next day. Does everything work? The Hotel Cervo generously provided us with a holiday apartment with a view of the Matterhorn for two nights. So we had comfortable accommodation nearby for the employee and the child.

Early in the morning we started to set up the yurt in freezing temperatures. The weather was dry and beautiful, but only at the very end did the sun give us a few warm rays as a reward for our hard work. The view of the Matterhorn was beautiful and the location for our yurt was a perfect eye-catcher for all guests of the hotel.

The tent story – 2021

After a year, the customer expressed the wish to have a second yurt. The first yurt was very well received by the guests and due to the increased demand, the space was a bit tight. So we drove to Zermatt again in November 2021 with a second 5m yurt. The platform of the old yurt had to be renewed anyway and was moved a bit in the process. After that we rebuilt both yurts, opposite each other.

Construction December – 2020

Construction November -2021

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