The Great Battle of Murten | 93


The Battle of Murten replayed in the original location.

Location Murten FR
Customer Murten Productions GmbH
Date May - June 2014
occasion Festival Murten
Key data 12 Chapiteaux

Our contribution

For the festival in Murten we worked closely with our partner the event agency TOPAZ together. Our tents were rented through them and they had taken on the demanding task of accompanying and looking after 12 Chapiteaux from us over several weeks at the festival. This assignment was exceptional for us. Since Chapiteaux are usually only intended as temporary structures and over the long term often had to be checked whether nothing had come loose due to wind and weather. The festival was a complete success and the weather was at its best from May to June.


Information about the festival

On May 13, 2014 the stage was clear for the Festival Murten. Carpenters and locksmiths worked behind the scenes to build the stands. The riding instructors, combat and dance choreographers taught the ensemble. 16 actors and 65 extras were part of the story of the Battle of Murten, which was staged on the original floor.

Numerous food stalls and bars in the style of the medieval 1467 invited visitors to enjoy and linger. Different types of meat, cheese and sausage specialties, traditional stews and the finest sweets and pastries were tempting. At the sociable bars “Zum Blaue Burgunder” and “Am Hopfentresen” over a glass of must or a cup of wine, the question of what would have become of Switzerland if the Burgundians had won the battle could be pondered ...


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