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At the campsite in Disentis there is a tipi for guests on a hill.

Place Disentis GR
Customer TCS Camping
Date 2015 summer season
occasion Glamping
Key data Group tipi 6m with Ozan and wooden floor

Our contribution

For the campsite in Disentis, the TCS wanted a tepee with a diameter of 6m as natural and eventful overnight accommodation. The teepee should be weatherproof and comfortable for the guests. Since we do not offer complete facilities, we left this task to the TCS.


We equipped the tipi with one for that closed ozan and a wooden floor. It rarely happens that we use the closed ozone. It only has a small hole at the top for the smoke outlet and is therefore less recommended for an open fire. The TCS Camping decided against a fire for safety reasons, so the closed Ozan was the ideal solution to offer the guests a dry room for the night even when it was pouring rain.


A completely level surface is required for the wooden floor. With a wood chip floor even smaller bumps can be leveled out, with a wooden floor you can feel every bump. In Disentis the place was prepared for us by the customer and we could start with the construction right away. Nevertheless, we noticed a slight gradient that we could only pick up something with difficulty.

The tipi is a bit outside and raised on a hill. The location offers a lot of privacy for a group or a family. The place is surrounded by protective trees. For cozy evenings, a fireplace is available to guests next to the tipi. After setting up, we made a fire and stayed in the square for the night. A nice place to relax!

MORE to the tipi

Information about the customer

Rediscover the camp, even without own equipment to sniff again adventure air in the nature, that is in the trend.

The TCS campsites already have a wide range of rental accommodation, including barrier-free accommodation. In order to meet the growing demand for rental accommodation, the offer is constantly being expanded with new, exceptional accommodations.

This year, the TCS set up the first tepee at the TCS Camping Disentis. From the first day it was a hit. Affectionately and stylishly furnished, the camping guest immediately gets a feeling of freedom and adventure. It is placed on a slight hill, slightly away from the rest of the camping guests on an idyllic small meadow, surrounded by fir trees and trees. A fireplace right in front of the teepee completes the perfect picture and invites you to an adventurous holiday.

Source: TCS Marketing



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