A yurt as a painting studio | 145

A yurt as a painting studio for creative hours.

Place  Low
Customer Private
Date October 2022
occasion Atelier
Key data insulated 6m pano yurt

The tent story

The customer wanted a painting studio as a retreat where she could live out her creativity undisturbed. A yurt seemed to fulfill everything for this, but more light was needed and so the yurt was equipped with three panoramic windows. The yurt is right next to the house on a slope. In order to be able to set up the yurt at this location, a terrace floor first had to compensate for the slope. A round floor was added to the square floor so that the yurt is dry. Because the location is in the middle of the residential area and the yurt on the pedestal already makes a big impression, in this case they decided on an outer shell made of “Premium” tent fabric in a subtle beige. A very nice combination, we think!


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