The Siege of Hallwyl Castle | 104


The Siege of Hallwyl Castle by the Confederates!

Location Hallwyl AG
Customer Museum Aargau
Date May 2015
occasion Exhibition at the castle
Key data 5x Landsknechts 4.5 x 4.5m with two passes

Our contribution

In 2009, the Aargau Museum ordered a yurt in knightly style from us for a round table on the Lenzburg. This yurt is used again and again by the museum's exhibition team for exhibitions and is newly staged according to the theme. 

In March 2015, we received another request from the Museum Aargau for an exhibition at Hallwyl Castle. The idea was to set up tents at several locations in the castle, in which the individual themes of a siege can be illustrated for the visitors. At the castle, however, there was only limited space available and with the Landsknecht measuring 4.5 x 4.5 m, we reached our limits. We therefore had to look for a more optimal solution with the customer.

We also offered them the self-supporting bazaar stallsthat get by with much less tension. However, the Aargau Museum decided in favor of the Landsknecht but simply with two entrances. The visitors can be led through the tents in a round tour and we can use the remaining space to relax.

Because these Tent types with side poles actually more suitable for short assignments, great importance was attached to the material and the bracing. We put the tent cover out of the Tent fabric «Plus» And anchored everywhere with sturdy iron herring.

A visit to the Hallwyl Castle is worthwhile!


More about the knight tents

Information about the exhibition and the customer

Fire in the roof! The Bernese are attacking!

Under the seasonal theme “The Swiss are coming! Experiencing stories about the fateful year of Aargau in 1415 ”, various exhibitions on the subject are dedicated to the locations of the Museum Aargau. The new exhibition on the theme of the year in different parts of Hallwyl Castle reports on war, siege and military tactics in the late Middle Ages.

1415 was the year in which the Bernese took the Aagrau together with the Swiss in no time. While most cities surrendered without a fight, the lords of Hallwyl prepared for the fight. There was a siege in which part of the castle burned and the besieged had to surrender. In the exhibition 6 tents show the military aspects of 1415. What did a siege mean for defenders and attackers? Which weapons were used, which siege types existed and how were the wounded supplied? These and other exciting topics are contents of the tent exhibition.

Exhibition of the 2. June to 31. October 2015

Source: Museum Aargau


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