TenCate Campshield®

Tencate_LogoThe successful TenCate company develops functional materials with special properties and combines textile technology with chemical processes during production and development. The materials can be divided into these areas of application:

  • Aerospace
  • Infrastructure and environment
  • Sports and recreation

The textiles play an important role at TenCate. This department has achieved a leading market position in the development and manufacture of advanced outdoor clothing in Europe. Many tent manufacturers also purchase an extensive and varied range of products from TenCate.


With the TenCate Campshield®, TenCate offers us a weatherproof, stable, durable and robust tent fabric. This high quality material is developed and manufactured using the most modern production methods in accordance with European standards. TenCate materials are therefore committed to strict ecological standards and requirements.

The result guarantees a perfect end result and the material complies with the following standards:

  • BS 7837: 1996
  • DIN 4102 part 1 - 1998 - Class B2
  • M1 Classification NF P 92 503 (1995)
  • CSE RF 1 / 75 / A (1984)
  • Comfort CPAI 84

Technical specifications

People need to feel safe and secure inside a tent. TenCate develops textiles that meet these requirements. Application examples are not only natural tents such as our yurts or tipis. TenCate also makes tents for aid organizations such as the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and refugee shelters (UNHCR) and shelters for the military.

To the prospectus


Zeltwelt produces natural tents out of conviction and there are many good reasons why one should prefer a natural material in our segment, a plastic tarpaulin. However, every lifespan of a natural product is limited in time. We have therefore tested many natural materials in the constant search for the most weather-resistant product on the market.

With the extra strong cotton blend 420 we already offer a product with an excellent price-performance ratio, which is suitable for year-round use. Still, we weren't satisfied with that.

Over the years, the demands and areas of application of natural tents changed. From temporary installations, such as the initial group storage, customer demand for permanently installed structures increased. In addition, more public institutions such as associations, schools and tourism were interested in our natural tents, which must have a higher safety standard.

With the M1 equipment, TenCate Campshield® meets the flame protection standards of the European Union for larger group tents.


TenCate Campshield® was compared to cotton and tested outdoor for one year. The cotton is as pure natural fiber, basically a bit weaker but the tensile strength the fibers, remains surprisingly constant over the twelve months. The TenCate Campshield® has a higher tear resistance right from the start. The warp thread of the fabric loses its value in the first three months, but as a fiber it is still visibly more resilient than cotton.



TenCate_fabric_zeltwelt. Ch

The TenCate Campshield® is a modern, resistant blend with the appearance and properties of a natural fabric. This material has high breathability and good moisture transport and, with the additional flame-retardant equipment, is ideal as a tent fabric.

Composition: 30% PPAN-fr (fr = flame retarded) / 30% CV (Viscose) / 30% PVA-fr / 10% PVA

PPAN-fr = modacrylic
PVA = polyvinyl alcohol
PVA-fr = polyvinyl alcohol-fr
CV = Lyocell (Viscose) group 


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