Queen's Award for NIKWAX

NIKWAX - the ideal care product for our natural tents!

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We have been using and recommending NIKWAX for re-impregnating our natural tents for years. We do this with a clear conscience! We are pleased that NIKWAX has now won the Queen's Award. It is the highest award in Great Britain for environmentally friendly and sustainable development and is only awarded if the highest performance in each category is proven.


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NIKWAX is the world market leader when it comes to impregnation of high performance clothing and fabrics and is the first award-winning outdoor brand in this context. This award is proof of the clean NIKWAX technology and also a commitment to promoting sustainable companies. NIKWAX has existed since 1977 and was founded by the current managing director Nick Brown. The company has recognized its ecological and social responsibility.

From the beginning, the love for the beautiful nature influenced the way the company works in order to keep the impact on the environment and health to a minimum. NIKWAX is delighted with the Queen's Award and is proud that their work is an essential contribution to a more sustainable future.

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As part of their sustainability policy, all NIKWAX products are water-based and solvent-free, non-flammable and contain no propellant gases. In addition, NIKWAX is the only care product brand in the world that has NEVER used fluorocarbons (PFC). These dangerous chemicals are environmentally persistent and can cause serious health problems.

NIKWAX thus also corresponds to our values ​​and is the ideal care for our natural tents.

Zeltwelt congratulates Nick Brown on his success!

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