The sauna landscape of the Rhybadi | 131

Why not sweat in a yurt and then jump into the Rhine?

Location  Rhybadi, Schaffhausen SH
Customer Rhy sauna club
Date November 2019
occasion saunas
Key data 2 yurts 5m & panorama yurt 7m

The tent story

For this project a club was founded, namely the «Rhy sauna club», Together with passionate sauna attendants and club members from the city council in Schaffhausen, this sauna project could be implemented. The idea was to use the Rheinbadi sensibly also in winter and to create a sauna landscape of three yurts. To create a stand for the yurts, the rear part of the Rhine was covered with a temporary wooden floor. This created the necessary space for the yurts.

Since the beginning of November there is now an 5m Umzieh-Yurt, an 5m Sauna-Yurt and a 7m resting yurt. The goal is to promote the sauna culture in Schaffhausen and the surrounding area and to offer visitors an unforgettable sauna experience. After a hot sauna session, Finnish visitors can cool off in the fresh Rhine.

To implement such a great project in the surrounding area, we found exciting and supported the project with all our possibilities. Together with our production team and a few volunteer members, we built all three yurts in one day until dark.

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