Common room yurt | 135

A lounge for the adventure playground in Winti.

The tent story

The adventure playground in Winti is a great place for children and families. A yurt was purchased for the square in Winti so that the families can also retreat to a warm room. The insulated yurt with a diameter of 8 m offers plenty of space to create a small coffee shop and play area for frozen parents and children.

The floor was made by the carpenter ARBOS produced in collaboration with the apprentices. Compliments, we have created a very beautiful floor! At the entrances, however, the customer still had to lend a hand so that it would fit with the specially manufactured floor and no water could penetrate.

Now and then it happens that customers want to customize our yurts or even optimize them. We like to be inspired by it, but it is not always possible to meet all needs. We are all the more pleased when customers share their developments and experiences with one another.



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