The Sunnesite Teepee | 113

The teepee proudly rises to heaven on the sunnesite near Luthern.

Location Luthern LU
Customer "Sunnesite"
Date Winter 2015
occasion events
Key data Grossraumtipi 8m

Our contribution

The customer started a few years ago with an 8m large-capacity tipi, which he received from our event partner TOPAZ time travel had purchased as a pre-season teepee. We raised 2015 for service in the summer, mounted an ozan and replaced a few pegs. The tipi hull looked good and we thought she would surely get along for a season without cleaning and care. Unfortunately, a storm broke a smoke trap!

The customer took this opportunity to replace the old Tipi hull. He chose the new one TenCate Campshield UV & FR, This material is ideal for a permanent event tent cover because it provides the necessary security with the fire retardant M1 equipment.

Shortly before Christmas 2015 we drove so again to Luthern to rebuild the old tepee from scratch.


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Information about the customer

The "Sunesite" is a dream place! On 1000müM stands the tepee next to a farmhouse, with views of the surrounding mountains, such as the cup and Pilatus. In the house there is a cozy apartment with 6-8 beds for rent.

The teepee is mainly used for in-house events and fulfills its service as a weather-proof and atmospheric lounge. It is heated with a brilliant fire pipe from «Carefree Design», This unique fire pipe can be used as a grill, you do not smell like smoke after that and is simply a brilliant invention! The customer himself is a representative of "Carefree Design" and also sells outdoor wooden saunas and hot tubs.

A place where you would like to linger a bit!

More about the customer


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