The playgroup teepee | 52

A tepee for a near-natural playgroup.

Place Mütschemier BE
Customer TipiTi nature play group
Date since June 2008
occasion Children's Group
Key data Potlachtipi 8m

Our contribution

The playgroup TipiTi has been a loyal customer of ours since the year 2008. They wanted to buy a yurt and a tepee for a playgroup, but decided then only for a tipi with a diameter of 8m.

The choice of material was not made right from the start. They wanted a case with a maximum lifespan. Since we offer natural tents, the choice of material had to be carefully selected.

Basically, a teepee with a PVC tarpaulin does not breathe. The moisture balance cannot take place and condensation forms as a result. The tarpaulin hardly lets any light through either, so it is much darker inside than a textile fabric. In addition, the PVC tarpaulin has a strong smell and, together with the fire, an unpleasant smell can accumulate. The lifespan of a natural tent with a textile cover depends crucially on the Location and the Care . 

The tipi was intended for an exposed place on a level without a dense tree population. We were therefore able to recommend a pure cotton fabric. The tipi was then set up together with the customer in June 2008. Unfortunately, during a storm in January 2009, one of the smoke flaps tore off. The damage was covered by the insurance and we were able to completely replace the cover.

After we added the Sunbrella Alto FR material to our range, we had a teepee cover specially made for you. Usually this material would be less suitable for a teepee, but it was worth a try.

In the spring of 2015, the customer contacted us again to replace the now slightly gray Sunbrella Alto FR cover with our Tent fabric «Premium» to replace. The old Sunbrella cover was successfully resold via our marketplace. In the summer we supplied them with the new shell with some spare poles and set up the tipi again.

Information about the customer

The club TipiTi offers children an exciting and natural play group. They do so out of conviction and with much passion. Together with the children they experience the different seasons and in the winter months they warm up by a fire in the tipi.

"Nature is a daily changing Learning and experience space that challenges, promotes and enriches all the senses. As the most sensual environment of all, it offers optimal support for the healthy and creative growth of the child. "

Source: TipiTi

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